Cute Kitty Cat Party {Girls Birthday}

My daughter Gabriella's favourite soft toy is a little (mangy) cat that her Aunt won in an auction, so for her 2nd  birthday this Cute Kitty Cat Party was absolutely purr-fect!  

I really enjoyed designing all the cute kitty printables and decorations - I just love how the cat paper lanterns & party bags turned out!

Cute Kitty Cat Party Decor Ideas
Kitty Paper Lanterns
Cat Party Food Ideas
Kitty Cat Party Bags

A big thank you to my sister and the best-aunt-in-the-world for flying out just for the weekend to help set up and celebrate with us!

Party styling, decor & printables, cake & party food: Dindindies

{DIY} Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Tissue Paper Garland DIY (Dindindies)

Tassel Garlands are a huge party trend at the moment and so quick and easy to make. 

They’re perfect for jazzing up dessert tables, backdrops, and the overall party space – try mini tassels to make a fun addition to any centerpiece or VIP party chair!

I found this great video tutorial from Martha Stewart to help you.

A Modern LEGO Master Builders Birthday Party

Lego Master Builder Birthday Party

My son, Levi, is Lego crazy at the moment so it was no surprise when he asked for a Lego party for his 5th birthday but not just any old Lego party....a "Master Builders" party!

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Lego Party Games
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For the printables, I decided on bright primary colours and used brick shapes for the party garlands and party banners and large circles for the Lego Movie characters and vehicles.  This really helped with creating a bright fun colourful atmosphere!


Each special guest was given a personalised BUILDERS LUNCH BOX that contained a builder's brick (a.k.a sandwich), builders pebbles (a.k.a. M&M's), packet of crisps, Oreo biscuits and a personalised bottle of builder's juice.


On arrival each guest was given a personalised hard hat and high-vis vest. The 'aim' for the party was to enter as BUILDERS and leave as MASTER BUILDERS after achieving the tasks at hand. We had personalised MEDALS to award each Master Builder at the end of the party.


The top priority at the Lego Party was to have fun and have the kids do different activities.  It would've been expected to have a bunch of Lego for the kids to build with, but I wanted them to have challenges so at the end of the party they 'felt' like they really had become MASTER BUILDERS.

Task 1: Obstacle Course

First off was to crawl through a tunnel, followed by balancing across a beam and then over to a hanging donut that they had to try and bite with their hands behind the backs and lastly was to limbo under a pole. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this activity and cheered each other on through the course.

Achievements: Listening & following directions

Task 2: Build Your Own Lego Train

This was a great task and all the kids were so excited to build their very own train that they could take home. Loved that this activity brought children and grown-ups together - think some of the dads loved the challenge and there was a bit of competitiveness as to who finished first!

Achievement: Following Instructions

Task 3: Lego Spoon Race

The kids had a BLAST with this game!

Working in teams they had to run with a piece of lego on a spoon and drop it in to a bowl and then run back and give the spoon to their team mate who had to repeat the task. Four lego pieces in total had to get from one side to the other. Needless to say this game was played quite a few times.

Achievement: Working As A Team

Task 4: Musical Statues

A Master Builders Lego party wouldn't be the same without having to play Everything Is Awesome over and over and over again...

Achievement: Dancing and Control


Each 'builder' was congratulated on becoming a MASTER BUILDER and awarded with a medal and given a Lego face balloon. They got to stand on a little podium where they were cheered and had a photo taken.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to my darling sister who travelled all the way from Doha to help me style and set up the party. I sure know that her nephew loved having her be apart of his special day.






{CUTE+EASY} DIY Ballerina Marshmallow Pops

How adorable and easy are these Ballerina Marshmallow Pops?! Perfect for your little Ballerina's party. All you need are cupcake cases, skewers, edible glitter or as this above tutorial suggests you could use food colouring to get your desired colour using sugar.  

I love these and so will everyone that sees them I'm sure!

To check out the Tutorial please click here

{DIY} Tissue Paper Backdrop

DIY Tissue Paper Backdrop

How gorgeous is this Tissue Paper Backdrop from Hank & Hunt. This backdrop can be achieved at a low cost as minimal materials needed but you will need a lot of patience ;o)

The end result will be SO worth it!

Head on over to Ruffled for the step by step tutorial.