An update and some great news!

Man how time flies by, I’ve been meaning to update you all with how Levi’s party went and it’s been 3 weeks already...

My little mans party was wonderful and just so special. They say 1st birthday’s are more for the parents and I can totally see why – the whole day I just kept on looking at my walking, ‘talking’ 1 year old and just couldn’t believe how quickly the first year had gone by, he is no longer my baby but my toddler!

Levi birthday pressie.jpg

We had 17 little babies, I mean toddlers, and they had such fun. We hired a Gigantic Gym kit through and it was brilliant. It kept the little ones entertained for the whole duration of the party. Having the little ones sorted, we were able to catch up with friends, some we hadn’t seen in ages which was great. Highlight of the party was that Levi’s granny came all the way from Africa to be with him on his special day – thanks mum.

My weeks of planning and creating party bags, cupcake wrappers, table bunting, napkin sleeves etc had all come together and it looked awesome. I loved the Handy Manny theme, as you have so many colours to play with. Check out the pictures on my Flickr page!

Wasn't the cake just gorgeous?! My friend is just so talented and has a natural gift. If you’re after a cake for a special occasion, let me know as it will be well worth it. The cakes are not only gorgeous but very tasty too.

So the great news is...

...Dindindies is taking a leap, forward!

I've been toying with the idea of selling some of my creations and have decided to go for it, starting with a few things that would just complete your Christmas table – tis the season! I’m in the process of cutting out samples and need to make a few changes to my website, so watch this space!

Also, if you’re thinking of having a Handy Manny party and liked any of the things I did, please contact me via my contact page and I’d be happy to provide you with a quote.