A true story of ‘The Prince & Me’

I’m sure I am not the only one that enjoyed the fairy tale love-story of a free-spirited American college student falling in love with her classmate at university; to find out he was actually the Prince of Denmark – The Prince & Me.

Well this week the announcement from the UK Royal family has made this movie a true story, kinda.

Prince William, heir to the throne, will be marrying his long term girlfriend (did I mention 9 years long), Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton whom he met at university. Sounding familiar?


This is the epitome of real life fairy tales – girl next door becomes a Princess and possibly even Queen!

Something else that came as a surprise this week was that Kate’s family own the mail order company Party Pieces. I have visited this website many a time, as this is what I envision Dindindies to be like one fine sunny day.

I think this Royal wedding will bring the Monarchy into the 21st century, what are your thoughts on this?