That little touch

Cold enough for everyone?! Brrr, but have to say there is something ‘pretty’ about driving into work in the snow.

So, what have I been up too lately...

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I could help with a simple but pretty little touch to a 40th birthday celebration. Venue: quiet, beautiful country(ish) hotel; Private room; Guests: + - 25; Preferred colours: warm.

Ooh this was exciting, my first official order through Dindindies. The colours I chose and thought would be perfect were gold, ivory and burnt orange, you like?

With something in mind, I ordered the organza ribbon, pearl card and popped down to my local party shop to buy the serviettes. Now all I could do was wait...3 working days!

The 3 days wait for delivery turned out to actually be a real blessing, as I got ill (first time in a long time – I thought mummy’s never got ill?!) then my husband caught what I had and then our little boy came down with a cold and chesty cough – one happy household I tell ya! We’re all back up and running at full steam with 4 more teeth for Levi!

The ribbon and card arrived and I couldn't wait to get to work. The simple but pretty little touch was place names and serviette sleeves:

I loved doing these and just want to say thank you to my special and very patient husband (Technodad) who helped me with the bows as my Bowdabra hadn't arrived in time! Bowdabra has now arrived and I shall do a write up on what I think soon.

I’ve also been working on some exciting new designs, themes and ideas for Dindindies. 2011 is going to be awesome!

I would love to hear from you and get some feedback.

Happy Snowday fellow Brits.