Finding the best deal!

Been working on my friends daughters 1st birthday invitations this week. The designing part was simple as that was done by me, the challenge was finding the best price on the bits and bobs I needed to put the finishing touches to the invties.

Of course my first point of call was Hobby Craft (, where else would you want to go to get crafty things for invitations right? After seeing the prices on the items I needed I made it my challenge and my goal to find them cheaper!

I came across Handy Hippo (, unfortunately they didn't have everything I was looking for but what a great, friendly looking site with reasonable pricing - if you haven't come across it before it's worth a gander.

So I decided to give my good old trusted friend Amazon ( a try and BAM! we had lift off... Why I didn't think to go to Amazon in the first place as I am a huge fan and have purchased through Amazon many a time - it would have saved me an evening of trawling the internet for the next best deal!

Unfortunately I can't delve into the details too much as the invitations are a surprise so you will have to come back to find out what they were and how they turned out!