Party Planning mag?

I know that the Internet and Social Media websites are taking over the world (or should I say taken over the world) and I won’t hesitate to put my hand up and confess I do everything on the internet from catching up on the latest celeb gossip - I mean world news - to online shopping but I am sure I am not alone when I say, I still enjoy sitting on the sofa flicking through a glossy mag every now and then.

I’ve been scanning the magazine aisles in a number of stores this past week and have discovered that there are no magazines for party planning or party ideas. Ok, sure some of you may be thinking, would this be classed as a ‘glossy mag’ a ‘good read’ but you never know, some people would love a mag like this...umm me for example.

To have all the information you would need to plan a fabulous party, with great ideas, some ‘how to’ guides, party planners, entertainers and venues, like a one stop shop would be great! After all, when we’re getting married we don’t hesitate to rush out and buy the first couple of wedding magazines we find, although there is just as much information about weddings on the internet!

Something the Internet and Social Media websites can’t take away from us mere mortals is the need to touch.