At it again...

I've been a busy little bee lately as it is my gorgeous little boys first birthday next month so mummy's imagination has been in overdrive!

I've chosen the theme for the party (love it!) and have purchased the materials I need to start work on the invitations. Still finishing off the design but that should be done by the end of this week so I can start cutting the invites next week and hopefully get them out by the end of the month - 3 weeks prior to party (organised I know!). As soon as everyone has received their invite I promise to post a pic as can't ruin the surprise just yet.

I'm so excited as I have so many cute ideas and can't wait to start putting them to 'paper'. I think mummy is more excited about this party than baby - hee hee. This also means I will have another party theme to add to my list, yippee. I've been asked about a Princess party so that will be my next project after this one (have already put a few things together though as I couldn't help myself).

Did I mention I am loving this?! 

Another great thing we're all excited about - Granny is coming for the party!!!