A smash cake is typically given to the birthday child at their first birthday celebration and is to be smashed, smeared, enjoyed and eaten by the birthday boy or birthday girl (remember to take lots of photos for the album!). 

Increasingly, people are making two cakes for the 1st birthday party: a smash cake and the main decorated birthday cake. The birthday guest of honour gets to have fun with their smash cake while the main birthday cake can be enjoyed by the guests, untouched by little hands.

There are several ways to create a first birthday smash cake. A smash cake is usually a mini cake that matches the party theme, however any cake will do!

The smash cake can be as simple as a vanilla cupcake (a giant cupcake would be perfect) or as complex as a smaller version of the main cake. The possibilities are endless!

Why only a smash cake for 1st birthday parties? I wouldn’t mind smashing a cake at my age, it looks like GREAT fun! :o)