{COOL} Christmas Stocking Fillers


iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand
The cutting edge of technology gets a helping hand from an icon of the past with this cute little iPhone cover. Fashioned to look like a classic cassette tape (Classic? Really? - Nostalgia Ed.), this retro accessory is perfect for anyone who concedes that, yes, there was a time before the iPhone existed. True, that time was pretty naff and endured the very worst David Bowie albums, but you can't argue with the cassette tape as a symbol of retro cool. It also comes complete with a cassette case for you to keep it in and also prop it up with - how very versatile.
Purchased here for £12.99
USB Cup Warmer
Hot, hotter, hottest
Why is it that a really good cuppa always seems to cool at 10 times the normal rate when you're working at your computer? It's really very annoying. At last there’s a solution with this easy-to-use USB Cup Warmer.
Simply plug the little gadget into your USB port, pop your cuppa onto the hot plate, and it'll extend your drinking time by up to 30 minutes.
Think you have all the computer essentials you need? You will soon come to realise this is a real essential - you won't be able to manage without one of these on your desk.
Make working at your computer cosy with a hot cup of warming comfort beside you.
Purchased here for £9.99
Golf Caddy Pen Set
Chained to your desk rather than out on the fairway where you should be? Dream away with this brilliantly well made, if very silly, mini wheeled golf bag. Complete with three satisfyingly hefty clubs, all whose heads pop off to reveal ballpoint pens. Just try not to let anyone see you chipping your rubber round the desk - it's kind of embarrassing.
Purchased here for £14.99
Scratch n Scroll
How many times in your working day do you scrabble around for a pen, but can't find one? Before you've had a chance to write it down, your idea for streamlining the optimisation of your workload going forward vis-à-vis multi-corporate buyouts (or something) is gone forever, forgotten and irretrievable. The brainy people behind the Scratch-n-Scroll have come up with an ingenious solution - write it on your mouse mat!
Even better, you can even write on it with just your finger. If you're determined to take advantage of opposable thumbs, though, you can always use the included stylus. Once you've scribbled down the synopsis of your next Pulitzer-winning piece, you can then simply erase what you've written by flipping up the opaque sheet that covers the pad. Conveniently, it'll work fine with any optical or ball mouse that you might push across it.
So don't let your ideas go to waste just because you dropped your pen in a cup of tea - scribble them on the Scratch-n-Roll.
Purchased here for £14.99
Vinoair Wine Aerator
Much like the Vinturi Wine Aerator sets, the VinOair Wine Aerator vastly improves the taste of your wine. The VinOair, though, is portable, meaning it's perfect for when you're out and about having a tipple. It also functions as a pourer and drip-stopper so, short of opening the bottle itself, there's little it can't handle when it comes to making something super of your Sauvignon.
You can pop the VinOair in your pocket and take it to restaurants, dinner parties, on a plane, on picnics, or you can just use it at home. Crucially, though, it's able to create the equivalent of a 20-inch vacuum in its little chamber (most aerators can manage 10 at a push), meaning that your wine will be beautifully aerated and have all its subtle flavours brought to the fore. Unlike so many other aerators on the market, this one pops straight in the neck of the bottle meaning no more drops of red wine on the tablecloth, and a convenient pouring action.
Purchased here for £24.99
Ozitech Knife Sharpener
It may seem like an odd departure for us to be selling a knife sharpener, but this one is so gob-smackingly amazing that we couldn't not show it to you. If you've ever had to tackle a turkey or a tomato, there's nothing more infuriating than hacking away at it with a blunt old knife - or a blunt new one come to that. Now there are a gazillion (though we haven't actually counted) knife sharpeners out there, from the stone age steel to contraptions requiring batteries and a degree in quantum mechanics. But none of them, NONE OF THEM, come close to the Ozitech Knife Sharpener. 
Just a few strokes through the bendy diamond encrusted leaves and your kitchen weapon of choice will be able to slice a tomato so thin (and so effortlessly) that it could float away in a light breeze, sort of. You could pass a camel through the eye of a needle after you've used one of these (admittedly in very small pieces). 
Another great thing about this is that it packs up so small it'll fit in the fullest of cutlery drawers, or your pocket if you're a chef on the go. Finally an end to shredded chicken and a mush of onion, carving and halving and slicing and dicing is now officially a pleasure thanks to the Ozitech transforming our old kitchen hatchets into veritable Samurai swords - it will change your culinary life.
Purchased here for £21.99