Inspiration Board

How do I begin planning one of my parties?!

Well, first and foremost I think of a theme - if one hasn’t been suggested already - and with the theme comes the colour pallet. Next step is to search the Interweb (love this word) for inspiration. Then it is time to put hand-to-mouse and create the Inspiration Board.

Using the Inspiration Board I then start to think of ideas for invitations, as we all know this is the first thing that needs to be done and is the ‘face’ of the party! Below is my design of an invite I made for a friends daughters 1st birthday party. You can see the real invites in my blog here.

Then it is on to designing the custom paper elements for the party. Personally, this is my favourite part, as your imagination has no limits!

So there you have it, a cute Ladybird party theme for your special little one. Other paper elements I have for this party theme include thank you cards, bunting, cupcake wrappers and of course the all important party bags!

Contact me if you’re interested in this party theme to discuss ideas and pricing.