Baby Shower - Cocalo Jacana

Inspiration Board.png

This shower was so fun to put together because it was for one of my dearest friends. She is having "Baby Perry" in a few weeks and I wanted to do everything I could to honour this new mama! I styled this shower to match the nursery which is the very cute Cocalo Jacana range! I wanted everything to look like something she would want to take home and put right in her nursery.

To start off with, I designed all the cute characters taken from the quilt blanket and put together the invitation.

Invitation & Envelope copy.png

Then on to designing the paper elements for the party.

Paper Elements design.png

I wanted something different instead of having your traditional party balloon so after searching online I found the Paper Globe. I HAD to make these, so begun designing custom paper to match the theme and viola!

Paper Globes.png

LOVED the way these turned out and think they are a gorgeous alternative to balloons! However, I am going to attempt putting a helium balloon INSIDE one of these Paper Globes and see how that works, as wouldn’t these be awesome floating instead of hanging? Note to self: Add to TO DO list!

One of the games we played was the Diaper game. Each guest on arrival took a paper diaper but was not allowed to open it until instructed. Only one diaper was ‘dirty’ and this time the dirty-diaper-holder was the LUCKY one!

Diaper game.png

The prize was a jar filled with ingredients to make 24 yummy American –style cookies with chocolate chips & M&Ms. Inspiration taken from the VERY talented Bakerella!

Cookie favour jar.png

Although we all had a lovely day together, sadly, I made a school-girl error and omitted to check the settings on my camera and with the excitement of the day didn’t think to check the photos I was taking either and ALL the photos came out WHITE!!

So not only did my dear friend leave ‘photoless’ (well some guests took 1 or 2 pictures on their mobile devices), I don’t have any pictures of the decorated buffet table and room to show.

However, Leandri did take the below pictures of all the paper elements she took home with her so hopefully you get an idea!

Love you vriendin and can’t wait for baby Perry to arrive!

Paper Elements.png