Tutorial Tuesday: DIY {Hanging} Paper Bag Stars

Paper Bag stars (1).png

Inexpensive + creative = {Hanging} Brown Paper Bag stars!

A great step-by-step tutorial by DeannaofMirabelle Creationson how you can {easily} create cool hanging paper stars from this ever-so-humble brown paper bag.

You can also usewhite or coloured paper bagsin different sizes to mix things up a bit. Maybe even try making a GIANT version from grocery sized bags! That could be fun! =)

Paper Bag stars (8).png

Read on for all theDIY Details

Paper Bag Hanging Stars Tutorial

by Deanna Talwalkar ofMirabelle Creations

“Hanging stars made out of paper bags add a rustic look to any great party, without you having to spend a lot of money.  Here are the simple steps to making your own:

Paper Bag stars (2).png

You will need:

– 5 Gusseted Paper Bags

– Double-sided Tape

– String

– Scissors

– Hole Punch.

Cut off the end of all of the paper bags

Paper Bag stars (3).png

Stack all 5 paper bags and cut the other ends into a point.

Paper Bag stars (4).png

Place two pieces of double sided tape on either side of each paper bag, near the ends.

Paper Bag stars (5).png

Stack all 5 paper bags together and punch a hole in the bottom, middle.  Tie the bags together with string, not too tightly

Paper Bag stars (6).png

Join the two ends together to make your star.

Paper Bag stars (7).png

You could also use 6 paper bags andcut the ends in a rounded shape to make a flower.  I used white paper bags to make this hanging paper bag flower {pictured below}.Party shops carry arrays of colorful bags though, so don’t feel limited to just white or tan!”

Paper Bag stars (9).png