Another trip-down-memory-lane with these beautiful paper rosettes!

I’m always looking out for creative ways to add that trendy touch to parties and came across the stunning yellow and grey paper rosette backdrop by KaLice Events.

These rosettes can be used to make a stunning party banner too.


I’ve searched (and searched) for a decent picture tutorial on the interweb but didn’t come across one I liked. So I have taken the step by step tutorial from Martha Stewart and altered it slightly, as found hers to be a little confusing, to say the least.

Step by Step:

1. You will need 2 pieces of paper for a single rosette. For a medium size rosette, A4 paper will be perfect. For smaller rosettes cut an A4 in half length wise.

2. Lay the 2 papers vertically on the work surface. Mark even intervals, top to bottom, on the edges (I used 1inch intervals for the medium sized rosette). Score the paper between the marks with a bone folder (or any utensil that will crease your paper). Fold each piece top to bottom accordion-style at the marks to make pleats. If you want scalloped or spiky rosettes, collapse the pleats of each sheet to make a bundle, and cut each end into a U or V shape.

3. Fold each pleated strip in half and glue to make two half-circles

4. Glue the half circles together to make your ROSETTE.

Hopefully this makes sense, but let me know if you have any questions.

**P.S. think I might put together my own picture tutorial for these and post it up**

Some inspiration:


LOVE the idea of using newspapers, music pages or maps to make a vintage style rosette.