FABULOUS FRIDAY: Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

Let me introduce to you (if you don’t know already) a quick, elegant no waste method of presenting hard to wrap gifts or goodies to those special to you.

Japan has been using the ancient art of Furoshiki for centuries. The name literally means 'cloth for the bath.' It was popularized in Japan in the 17th century, when people needed a way to carry their toiletries to the public baths. 

It is a pleasant alternative to the paper-wasting, environmentally-unfriendly tradition of wrapping gifts in wads of paper and ribbon.

I love this “East meets West” solution to gift wrapping. It is incredibly easy as it requires just a few folds and square knots – no sewing or specially sized shiny bags with handles to transport your breakable gift and the scarf or beautiful piece of fabric can be incorporated into the gift!

Here are some great ideas on how to wrap your special gifts:

I hope you love it as much as I do and consider it for all the gifts you wrap from now on!

Below are some diagrams on a few of the styles:

Otsukai Tsutsumi (Book Carry Wrap):

Yotsu Musubi (Four tie Wrap):

Eno Tsutsumi (Long Object Wrap):

Tesage Bukuro (Hand Carry Wrap):

Bin Tsutsumi (Bottle Carry Wrap):