Today's Tutorial Tuesday is one of my favourites and brings back fun childhood memories!

These could be cute centrepieces for a summer garden party or even a nice gift to put in your guests party bags.

Pinwheel (1).png

I found a great step by step tutorial with photos from JDC.

Materials needed:

  • Patterned paper
  • Strips of solid paper
  • Pencils with erasers (as your stems)
  • Drawing pins
  • Scissors, tiny hole punch, adhesive glue
Pinwheel (2).png

Step 1:

Cut a strip of paper to about 1cm x 50cm. Use glue to hold top in place and begin wrapping around the pencil, securing with glue at the end.

Pinwheel (3).png

Step 2:

Select two pieces of paper for pinwheel and cut to desired size

*The finished size of your pinwheel is determined by the size of the square*

Step 3:

Glue papers back to back

Pinwheel (4).png

Step 4:

Fold diagonally

And again

Pinwheel (5).png

Step 5:

Punch a hole in each corner

Pinwheel (6).png

Step 6:

Cut along folded line, leaving 1cm at centre

Pinwheel (10).png

Step 7:

Poke drawing pin through hole in each corner

And poke through back

Pinwheel (7).png

Step 8:

Attach to ‘stem’ by sticking the drawing pin through the eraser of the pencil

Pinwheel (8).png

Using a brightly coloured tin bucket and multicoloured pinwheels, you could create the flower-pot look. Using a little shredded green tissue paper for grass could add that finishing touch!

Pinwheel (9).png