TUTORIAL TUESDAY: {Balloon} Wreath


Bright colorful balloons are a must for any birthday party and as you know I am always looking for UNIQUE, SIMPLE but TRENDY party ideas, so when I saw this gorgeous BALLOON WREATH I had to share it with you all!

Here is a Step by Step Tutorial with pictures:

Step 1: Supplies

Wreath base – this can be straw, polystyrene/kaylite etc

Floral pins

Balloons – LOTS n LOTS of bright colourful balloons


Step 2: Wrap the floral pin around the balloon


Note:You can pierce the balloon with the floral pin but this then renders the balloon un-inflatable

Step 3:  Hold the pin sticking out like this, with the balloon in your palm


Step 4:  Stick the floral pin into the straw wreath, pushing it all the way down to snugly secure the balloon between the pin and the wreath.


Step 5: Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.....


Until you have balloons covering the whole wreath!  

And that's it!  UNIQUE, SIMPLE but TRENDY


It would also be cool to cover the entire wreath and then hang it suspended in the air over your buffet table!

Try using coloured balloons to match your theme or just one solid colour.

Don’t throw away your wreath as it can be used over and over again…

Tutorial by Two More Seconds