Supplies you'll need:

* Cupcake liners (10 per pom pom)

* Glue stick

* Phone books or something heavy with a flat bottom

* Scotch Tape

* String or ribbon, etc.


Step 1

Separate out 10 liners and fold them in half with the right sides together.


Step 2

Once liners are folded take your glue stick and glue them together, one on top of the other.

*Do them in groups of 5 as a little easier to glue two groups of 5 to one another (to make 10) than to glue all 10 together at once*


Step 3

Once glued, put your groups of 5 in some books for a few minutes till the glue sets and this will also make the liners flatter – remember doing this with petals as a child?

Step 4

Once they're set, glue your groups of 5 together to make your final pom pom's of 10 and put them back in the books to set.

Once set and strung, you will have something that looks like this:


These Cupcake Liner Pom Pom’s don’t just stop at horizontal garlands; you could use them as place card holders, vertical garlands strung up behind your dessert table or use a skewer/lollipop stick, glue it in the centre of the pom pom, and you've got a pom pom on a stick that can be cupcake toppers, table decorations and much more!

A little imagination and a Cupcake Liner Pom Pom will go a long way…

Tutorial Ste by Step from: Crafted By Lindy