{Tinga Tinga Tales} Party Theme

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As both Levi and Lydija share the same day of the month, 26th, with exactly 2 months apart, we decided to combine their 2nd birthday party and have it in the middle September.

Inspired by traditional African Folktales and the Tingatinga art of Tanzania, Tinga Tinga Tales opens up a fantastical world of colour, characters and transformation.

Based upon animal creation stories from all over the African continent, Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life tall tales of how your favourite animals came to be the way they are today.

The choice of theme was an easy one, as both sets of parents are from Africa!


Anyways, here s a list of the main elements pictured above:

Tinga Tinga Tales invitation

featuring the colorful animals and patterns, this invitation wasn t complete until it was the shape of Africa =)

Cake Push-Pops

These were one of my favourite elements despite the many many cakes that we had to bake and the hours it took to put them together. To display, I bought 2 half circle polystyrene balls and wrapped them with yellow tissue paper and poked 5 Push-Pops in each. I thought this really helped lift the table and give it that 3D look.

Birthday Cakes

Baking is a secret love, although not something I class myself to be brilliant at. I have to say that I really enjoyed baking these cakes and was very proud of how they turned out. Keeping with the 3 layers, the birthday cakes were layered purple, red velvet and green. Having no skills of drawing with icing or creating little characters out of royal icing, I thought the cake banners were a perfect touch!


I folded the black paper napkins into pouches to house the knife, fork and spoon a tutorial will follow soon on how to fold napkins pouches. I designed the napkin sleeves keeping in with the purple and green colours and finished them off with a few little giraffe spots.

Party Bags

A special gift sent from Granny, each little guest received a cute bag that had a foam animal mask as part of their favour. The bright colors of the tissue paper & special designed Thank you for coming to our party stickers were so cute that these doubled as party decor! I displayed these on a tall 2 layered wooden table alongside the dessert table.

Some of you may have noticed that Levi s birthday cake not only had a 2 candle but another single candle. This is a very special candle; Levi shares his birthday, 26th October, with his late grandfather, so each birthday he will blow out a special candle just for him.

This blog is dedicated to a very special man who inspired my creativity and whom I think of always, my DAD!


Styling & Graphic Design: Jaime Swart / Dindindies

Photos: Leandri Perry/ Leandri Perry Photography

Cake Push-Pops: Jaime Swart, John Swart and Christelle Rademeyer

Party Bags: Debby Murrell (Levi's Granny) & Kim Oliver (Levi's Aunt)