{DIY} Yarn Chandeliers

There’s nothing like starting the NY off with a super creative and useful DIY - Yarn Chandeliers from Nicolle ofLibby Lane Press.


This project uses yarn, a glue mixture, and balloons – and isso versatile and budget-friendly. You can use thesetrendy spheresfor all sorts of parties and occasions !

Nicolle created these particular yarn spheres for thissuper cuteHoliday Whimsical WoodlandWonderlandshoot:



by Nicolle from Libby Lane Press



– Yarn

– Glue

– Corn Starch

– Vaseline

– Dowel rod/pole for hanging

– Scissors

– Balloons

– Bowl for Mixing



1.Blow up Balloons:

I wanted various sized yarn chandeliers so I chose to incorporate a large punching balloon as my main focal point and added standard balloons for the surrounding areas.  I only blew the standard balloons to approximately half capacity to keep as true of a circular shape as possible.


2.Assemble work space:

Place a long pole or dowel rod between two chairs to create a DIY ‘drying station’.  I highly recommend placing a plastic trash bag or disposable plastic tablecloth underneath where you will hang the balloons.  I initially began this project outdoors, however wind became a factor and I was forced to relocate (not easy).

3.Attach balloons to rod:

Tie yarn around the stem of the balloon and hang from the dowel rod.  Be sure that the balloon is suspended and not touching the surrounding balloons.


4.Petroleum Jelly:

Cover each balloon in a light coating of petroleum jelly.  This ensures that the yarn will not stick to the balloon once it is dried and popped.

5.Mixing & Dipping:

Mix the school glue (about half of the bottle) with approx. 1/2 cup of cornstarch and approx. 1/4 cup of water.  I estimated these amounts and added more cornstarch and glue when desiring a thicker paste consistency.

Dip the yarn into the glue mixture, squeeze out excess, and begin wrapping around the balloon vertically and then switch to horizontally.  Once you have covered a good part of your balloon, cut the yarn and tie to a surrounding piece.  I chose to do this near the stem of the balloon so it would not be as obvious when hanging.



Allow yarn chandeliers to hang for 24 hours in a dry, covered area.  Do not attempt to shorten this process! Next, pop the balloon (this is where I held my breath in anticipation).  The yarn will also have dried glue crystals however they easily flake off when tapped.