{Natural} Rainbow Cake


It’s the ever-popularrainbow cake… with a natural twist!

Another creative masterpiece by Kelsey Hilts of Itsy Bitsy Foodies – these rainbow colours are achieved using colourful fruits, veggies, and egg yolks



From Kelsey: “Rainbow cakes are everywhere these days. I made one last summer and my family and guests loved the bright, vibrant colours. But in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think of the negative discussion and controversy surrounding chemical food colouring. My husband was actually the one to challenge me to make a rainbow cake with natural food dyes.

My son, who is my toughest critic, ate it (while exclaiming, It’s beautiful, Mommy!) The rest of my family concurred that surprisingly it tasted just like cake and that it seemed much more palatable than the typical bright rainbow cake made with synthetic dyes. So, I considered the baking experiment a success. I would much rather serve my loved ones a beet or carrot-coloured cake than an artificially-coloured alternative.

A rainbow cake made with natural dyes can be an incredible and fun learning experience for your kids. They can brainstorm fruits, veggies and other colourful foods and then experiment with creating a beautiful and natural rainbow. Not only is it educational but it can also help your kids learn to appreciate the natural beauty of foods.

The process can be translated into many other cooking projects or non-edible projects such as homemade finger paints and homemade playdough.

You can find the recipe here along with great tips from Kelsey!