School Packed Lunches

With my almost 3yo starting pre-school in less than 2 weeks time, I’ve started looking into packed lunch ideas. My ultimate goal is to NOT bore him with the same ol’ peanut butter sandwich I took to school but also keeping the costs of said packed lunches to a minimum!!

I came across a website called Another Lunch.

While I know I’ll never have the time to do a packed lunch on this scale every day, it has given me some fun and practical ideas:

How cute is little Frog Prince?!

With winter in the not-so-distant-future this little snowman is just adorable! My son however, would need 2 snowmen for his lunch ;o)

Love the use of the silicone cup to put your fruit in to avoid making your sandwich soggy.

The use of cutters could make a ‘different’ sandwich each day and be exciting for our little ones!

Another great idea that I stumbled across some time ago that is quick and easy is Sushi Sandwiches:

These still contain the ‘usual’ fillings but just presented in a different and fun way. I have made these a couple of times and they have been received with words of wow’ and cool’.

1. REMOVE crusts from bread. With rolling pin or large tin can, completely flatten bread.

2. SPREAD filling of your choice.

3. ROLL each slice into a tight spiral. Cut each slice into 4 pieces.