Just Engaged... How to Start Planning Part 2

Pick a Date

Start by choosing a time of year that works best for your location. Consider holidays or big events that are happening in your city. Narrow down your options to three days that work best for you, your fiancé, and the parents. Selecting three date options will give you flexibility when choosing a ceremony/reception location.


Make a First Draft Guest List

Before you decide on an intimate beach wedding or a giant bash, determine a preliminary guest list. The number of guests you invite affects many areas of your planning including your budget, your ceremony, and your reception -- just to name a few. Ask your parents, future in-laws, and your fiancé to give you a list of names that they want to invite. There's no need to collect addresses yet, just get your final number -- and remember it will probably grow by the time you have a final count so leave room for flexibility.