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Just Engaged... How to Start Planning Part 2

Pick a Date

Start by choosing a time of year that works best for your location. Consider holidays or big events that are happening in your city. Narrow down your options to three days that work best for you, your fiancé, and the parents. Selecting three date options will give you flexibility when choosing a ceremony/reception location.

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Just Engaged...How to Start Planning Part 1

He's popped the question. You've said YES!

Dindindies will be doing a series on ‘how to get started’...

Imagine Your Dream Wedding

Since you were a little girl you’ve dreamt of your wedding day. Now it's a reality!

Sit down with your husband-to-be and jot down your ultimate wedding -- on the beach, in a church, in your parents' back garden. Your fiancé may have a completely different vision than you do – remember it's his day too, so try to let him give a little input.

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