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School Packed Lunches

With my almost 3yo starting pre-school in less than 2 weeks time, I’ve started looking into packed lunch ideas. My ultimate goal is to NOT bore him with the same ol’ peanut butter sandwich I took to school but also keeping the costs of said packed lunches to a minimum!!

I came across a website called Another Lunch.

While I know I’ll never have the time to do a packed lunch on this scale every day, it has given me some fun and practical ideas:

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{HOP}PY 1st Birthday Maya!

The birthday girl, born on the 6th April and being Easter Friday this year, it was only natural to plan an Easter themed party.

Some more pictures below with cute ideas that can be customised for any birthday party or baby shower.

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REVEAL IT: {BABY} Gender cake!

This is such a cute trend, that I just had to blog about it. Not something I have come across or heard about in the UK but for those that like to find out and share it, this is such a special way!

It’s a super-unique way for parents-to-be to share the moment they find out the gender of their (unborn) child with family and friends

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